MAO MAO brand incorporate young, modern, and unique designs into our clothing. The concept which led to the formation of this fashion-forward clothing house was to add something creative and vibrant to everyone’s wardrobe. We create comfortable outfits that are unique and follow our heart’s desire. The prints, the designs the colors; everything comes with a quirky sense of style. 

Our designers love what they do, but we are also open to incorporating your personal touches into it and making your design a reality with our ‘Made-to-order’ attire, which is exclusively designed and stitched for you, and you alone.


Our Philosophy

MAO MAO brand was established with a very courageous goal. We are dedicated to providing our customers with the best clothes that cannot be found in any shop or brand outlet or retail store. Something that you have always wanted to wear to make you stand out from the crowd. Something unconventional but super stylish. The kind of attire that turns heads with elements from TV, movies, music, social media, and pop-culture references.

With our bold and imaginative apparel designs, we work towards making the world a more colorful, fun, and vivacious place.


Our Designs

The world would be a very boring place if everyone wore the same fashion trends, took to the same colors and styles, and followed the same lines. This is why we bring something new to the table. Adding an edge to the simple clothes, we come up with distinctive prints, and ingenious motifs incorporating clever and original patterns, unique cuts, and above all, our customer’s own creative flair.


Production edge

MAO MAO brand is NOT a reseller of mass-produced dresses.

We are an exponent of creativity and originality. We spend time and expend energy to assemble all clothing items that we design ourselves. All of our tailored items are manufactured in our own factory which gives us the chance to keep strict checks on design, printing, and stitching; and assure quality control across the production process. Having our own production facility also helps us to serve our customers in the best possible way, at a very reasonable price, as cut down on the cost of outsourcing stuff.

All of the products sold on MAO MAO website  are made to order. This implies that each product is unique, and exclusively made for you. Plus, we do NOT mass-produce any items at all. All our clothes are locally made and hand stitched which helps us in limiting the waste that may occur during manufacturing.

MAO MAO looks forward to serving our clients with innovative trends in clothing, characterized by inventiveness, and a sparkling eccentricity that includes young ideas like memes and pop-culture references in to our designs. We also pride ourselves in producing clothes that last a long time, without wearing out or fading in color.

Our artists, designers, collaborators, tailors, and distributors all work hard to make this dream a reality and fashion a new way of street style and everyday wear.